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For Gables Gable Clip | BIDGC100

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At Brite Ideas, we make it easy to hang light strands by offering innovative products like our premium gable clips. Gable clips are slim metal clips that easily slide into place along gables. They go under the shingles and are designed to securely hold your linkables or other products in place. Because they go under the shingle, the clips can even be left in place all year round. They're slim and discreet, designed to offer plenty of support without being seen. Best of all, they won't damage your roof when installed correctly. Gable clips from Brite Ideas are made using high quality, weather-resistant materials. The metal is coated to prevent rusting and the hooked end is slightly wider to improve strength. The clips are easy to install and are extremely lightweight. They are sold individually and are priced low. Order gable clips along with a new strand of string lights to take your holiday decorations to new heights. When the season is over, simply lift the light strands out of the clips and leave the clips in place until they are needed again.


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For Gables Gable Clip | BIDGC100
Gable Clip