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12" Warm White Commercial-Grade Mini LED Star Burst | BIDLEDSB12WW

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Enjoy a burst of warm white color wherever you please by ordering a 12 in. warm white starburst LED fixture from Brite Ideas. The outdoor display is weather-resistant and is made using 50000+ hr LED bulbs for long-lasting beauty and reliable light. The starburst incorporates 50 individual bulbs, each with 2 in. spacing for safety. The bulbs emit a warm white color and because they are LED, this display is remarkably affordable to operate. The beautiful 12 in. warm white starburst LED is designed to explode light in all directions, creating a dazzling effect you're sure to love. Starburst LED's are designed to be hung from a pole, the ceiling or another tall fixture. The frame of the starburst is lightweight and is primarily constructed from aluminum or powder-coated steel. If using the starburst outdoors, the bulbs arrive pre-treated with durable, UV protected color clips to help them maintain the proper color. The fixture is designed for outdoor use and is made using durable materials that won't fade or crack when exposed to the elements.


Brite Ideas Decorating
Average Life:
50000+ hr
Lamp Wattage:
2 W
Light Color:
Warm White
Light Count:
Item Name:
12" Warm White Commercial-Grade Mini LED Star Burst | BIDLEDSB12WW