Accurate Lawn & Irrigation

Accurate Lawn & Irrigation Blow-Out-Bonnet, 1" For Wilkins 720 Vacuum Breaker | BOBZ1

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Introducing the blow out bonnet or BOB for short. This tool will completely change the way you winterize residential lawn sprinklers that have a pressure vacuum breaker. With this tool you will be able to save on average 15 min per residential winterization by opening up to 6 zones all at once. Essentially cutting your time per job in half. BOB will allow you to almost double productivity while keeping labor costs the same. Enabling you to get another 5 to 10 jobs done per day. Take your price per winterization and multiply it by 5X or 10X and the profits add up quickly. Let me explain how it works. The blow out bonnet replaces the factory bonnet during winterization. Just simply remove the factory poppet and bonnet and screw BOB in its place. BOB has a 3/4 in. threaded hole in the top allowing you to use a 3/4 in. hose. This will provide 6x the volume of air versus a 1/4 in. test port and 9x the volume of air the 1/8 in. test port can supply. For maximum efficiency we recommend a pull behind 185 cfm compressor with 3/4 in. hose and a setting of 75 psi. Contractors or homeowners with a smaller compressor and 3/8 or 1/2 in. hose can still use our adapters however the lower volume may only blowout 1 or 2 zones at a time. A 3/4 in. hose also provides for more consistent air pressure delivery. The air pressure loss on 100 ft. of 3/4 in. hose is only 6 psi compared to over 40 psi loss on a 1/2 in. hose.


Accurate Lawn & Irrigation
Connection Size:
1 in.
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Accurate Lawn & Irrigation Blow-Out-Bonnet, 1" For Wilkins 720 Vacuum Breaker | BOBZ1
3 years
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Wilkins 720 Vacuum Breakers