Importing & Exporting Shopping Lists 

Take control of you're shopping lists by downloading them. To edit a shopping list, click to open the desired shopping list. Once you have a Shopping List open you'll have the following capabilities:

Upload Shopping List

To upload a Shopping List you must first download an import template by clicking the "Download Import Template" on top of your Shopping List. From there, add the Heritage part # into column A and the desired quantity in column B. File must be saved on your computer as a .csv format. Save the file as .csv on your computer. Return the Shopping List screen (click "Go Back" if you're in an open Shopping List) then click "Upload CSV". You will be prompted to find the file on your computer. Locate the file and click upload. The system will validate that all Part #'s are valid and display any invalid Part #'s in the document. If you aren't finding an item, please contact your local branch for support.

Export Shopping List

To download your Shopping List, click the "Export Shopping List" button on top of your Shopping List. This will export your Shopping List with all the information so you can use the list to price jobs, charge customers, share with co-workers or whatever purpose you might have.